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Sexy Truth or Dare
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Release 1.0

For 2 – 10 players

Android only (for now)

3 game settings: Newbies, Soft Play and Anything Goes

Individual player settings for straight, bi-curious, bisexual and gay
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NC-17The truth or dare game for sexually adventurous couples, singles and groups!

Warning: Sexy Truth or Dare is the real deal, created by young, active swingers. By playing this game...
 You will reveal salacious truths,
 You will get naked,
 And you will have the erotic time of your life!

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What are people saying?

"This game rocks!" Lola, HedoOnline, NYC

"By far the best sexual ice breaker we've ever seen."
Jennifer, AskDanandJennifer, Dallas

"I hate it, people are now playing this instead of spending money in our strip clubs."
Anonymous, Corporate Strip Club Exec.

"Wow, my husband and I learned some new truths about each other, and we've been swingers for years!"
SwinginPixie, for Bi-Furious Ladies, Florida

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